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Heated driveways are the ultimate in low maintenance drivable surfaces – and a perfect solution for heavy snow and ice areas. With our heated driveways you’ll never have to shovel snow or de-ice your driveway again.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Demolish and remove existing driveway
  2. Excavate 8″ below finished grade.
  3. Install any necessary drains
  4. Install Slab Shield Insulation
  5. Install 6×6 rigid wire mesh to tie into hydronic tubes
  6. Install concrete slab to cover hydronics
  7. Mortar perimeter pavers to slab
  8. Install 1″ of bedding sand
  9. Install Pavers/Stone and sand paver joints

With some minor variations, this process works for poured and stamped concrete as well as natural stone. Check out our gallery for some photos of the process.

Slab shield, wire mesh, and hydronic tubes

Slab shield, wire mesh, and hydronic tubes

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